Ensure Your Business And Brand Are Memorable

Statistics show that by 2021 over 65% of online content will be video related. At EM!NENT, we encourage our clients to stay ahead of the curve! Therefore, we offer a full in-house production service that allows us to produce not only eye catching and engaging video content but an overall bespoke strategy that can drive the business forward and be seen to be ahead of the crowd.

Video animation and graphics

For the camera shy among us, an animated explainer video is a perfect way to explain your business and showcase your brand in an original way. With no acting required, animated content such as text, images and original graphics can be utilised to broadcast your message and communicate key information to your target audience in a memorable way. This is ideal for use across social media platforms as it removes the need for any audio, which a high percentage of consumers don’t use!

Live feed and

Utilising the opportunity for live feeds and broadcasting across various channels, such as Facebook and YouTube, we can assist our clients in producing relevant content that will engage viewers with their brand.

Our 4K Video cameras enable our clients to have the professional finish that isn’t as easily attainable when using smartphones.

Business training & conference recording

At EM!NENT, we offer professional recording and editing of your business’ training, conference events or even social events. Plus, in order for you to fully utilize the event and footage, we can produce additional training videos for your business to use from the same content.

Together we are able to improve your business performance

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